See More Away From The Shore

Be an Epic Diver!

We supply everything you need for an exciting underwater adventure including equipment, training and certifications.


Come join us and see the amazing history that Lake Pleasant has to offer, under the waterline.

For almost 100 years, Lake Pleasant has been used for boating and recreation.  Just imagine what lies below the lakes surface after all that time has passed.  There is so much history to discover and see just under the water's surface. The lake offers some of the richest underwater history in the southwest, it is littered with structures and amazing places to see and we would love for you to dive them with us!

Epic Dive Charters can take you to all the amazing sites to see in Lake Pleasant. With the largest, fastest and only real dive boat on the lake, we are capable of reaching sites for divers of all skill-levels. Most of our dive sites range from 15ft thru 300ft, so we truly have a site for just about every diver.  

When we aren’t running charters we are out exploring the lake to find new dives to share with everyone! 

We are passionate about exploratory scuba diving and it shows, come join us and see it all!


The Epic Dive Charters Crew