Directions to the Boat:

Here are the directions to the boat. The boat departs at 8 am, please plan to be at the dock between 7:30-7:45am to allow yourself time to unload your gear and park your vehicle. Please remember to bring a copy of your cert card to the boat with you as well. 

Directions to the boat, Depth Perception at Pleasant Harbor Resort & Marina:

From I-17 head west on Carefree Hwy (SR-74), take SR-74 to 87th Ave and turn right (north), proceed to the Pleasant Harbor Entrance. Once past the park pay booth head west to the first stop sign and turn left (south). Proceed south and follow the signs to the South Ramp Dock. Unload your dive gear down at the South Ramp Dock and then park your vehicle in the South Parking Lot where the shuttle golf cart will bring you back down to the dock for boarding the boat.

Please note:  We do not board from anywhere on the marina.  We board, depart and return from the South Dock Ramp of Pleasant Harbor on the east side of the lake.